Why mediation?

Mediation has many benefits:

  • It is confidential and shows respect for individuals
  • It allows the parties to participate openly and voluntarily
  • It keeps the process under control
  • It allows the parties to negotiate the provisions of the agreement
  • It allows the parties to keep talking
  • It protects relationships and saves time and money

6 steps of mediation process

  • Commitment of the parties by signing a protocol
  • Establishing the facts
  • Release of interest
  • Generate possible options
  • Choice of solutions that meet the mutual interests of the parties and the drafting of an agreement
  • The evaluation
Couple en médiation familiale Montréal

What is the mediator's role?

The mediator is a neutral third party whose role consists in:

  • helping the parties clarify certain points;
  • helping the parties determine the cause of the problems and find a solution;
  • managing the mediation process neutrally and impartially.

The mediator’s role is not to find a solution. It is up to the parties involved to resolve the conflict.

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